Tuesday, July 29, 2008

ACCESS for All

Last week I got involved with the editorial team of ACCESS magazine. During my eight years in the Netherlands I have heard a lot about ACCESS but have had very little contact with the organisation. As a result of sending in an article I had written, I have suddenly become an ACCESS volunteer and have been doing some proof reading of articles for the autumn edition of the magazine. I hope to do some writing too for the next editions of the publication, and whilst attending a meeting last week I was asked if I could help out with some copy writing in the future. All this was started with one click of the enter button on my laptop!

All in all, ACCESS is providing me with a great opportunity to gain experience in other areas of the writing and publishing world, as well as a chance to network with other expatriates and writers.

ACCESS are looking for volunteers with all sorts of skills and backgrounds, both in the Amsterdam and The Hague offices. If you are interested in helping out then get in contact with the ACCESS team.

Both offices also offer courses and workshops designed for expats living in the Netherlands;

  • Dutch language courses
  • Orientation for newcomers in the Netherlands
  • Childbirth and baby courses
  • Personal development
  • Job seeking help
  • Health & safety
  • Caring for yourself
  • Legal and tax

Check out the ACCESS website and quarterly magazines for more information.

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