Monday, October 27, 2008


I keep my Facebook activity strictly on a social level and my friends list comprises family and friends only. I do not use it as a business tool but some people do and Facebook is flexible enough for you to choose to keep lists separate and use it to promote a business or club.

Positive Aspects

  1. I am now in touch with extended family and old school friends that I had previously lost contact with, or had not had communication with for years. I now know what they are all up to, can see photos and videos they post and exchange news easily.
  2. Facebook allows you to post a a status - basically to let others in your contact list know what you are currently doing or thinking.

  3. Photos and videos can easily be posted and you no longer have to send pics by email or send out notifications. You can also make and receive comments on your postings.

  4. Facebook is also fun. It has applications that you can post to your profile ranging from simulation games to music, quizzes and blog feeds.

  5. It suggests people you may know based on your networks and profile.

  6. The site can check your email contacts to see if people you know are already active on Facebook.

  7. It has an email box and an instant messaging tool.

  8. You can join groups and fan clubs and receive relevant updates.

Negative Aspects

  1. It can be addictive and you find you are spending a lot of time doing very little that is actually constructive.

  2. Beware of contact requests from people you really don't know. It is known that Facebook is used by some undesirables to gain access to personal details - the answer is simple of course - if you are not sure then decline the request.

  3. The search option fields for contacts is limited compared to other networking tools. e.g you can not search on maiden name (correct me if I am wrong!).

  4. Facebook was recently given a make over and some applications are struggling to keep up which can be frustrating.

Anyone else got any plus or minus points about Facebook?

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