Thursday, November 20, 2008


Internations is a unique, active online community for people living and working abroad where membership is through invitation. The chances are you already know someone who is a member but if don't and you are an expat interested in joining Internations then let me know.

It is a great place to exchange information about life as an expatriate, give tips on regions and meet others in a similar situation. The site allows you to build up a network as well as keep in touch with international friends and colleagues.

Features include:

Forums - if you have something to say then there is most likely a forum to say it in on Internations

Groups - there are numerous groups where you can link in with other members

Events - local networking and social events are organised so this is a great way to meet other expats if you are new in town

Regional Ambassadors - representative for the local community you belong to (town you are living in)

Local Scouts - people you can approach for information about a town or area

Town Talk - lets you know what is going in in your local community, from activities to jobs and houses

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