Monday, January 5, 2009

The Expat Entrepreneur - Article about Jo Parfitt

Women Unlimited, an online community for women entrepreneurs, has published an article I have written about Jo Parfitt, an expert on the subject of expat careers.

I first met Jo a few years ago when I attended one of her writing courses. She was the motivation I needed to follow my dream of a writing career, instead of doing it as a sideline whilst holding down a loveless full time job.

I saw the success Jo has made of a writing career, despite moving from country to country over two decades as an accompanying spouse, and she inspired me.

Last May, I interviewed her at her home following the publication of her 25th book. For many months I struggled to find a publication to get an article about her published - some editors had already included an article on Jo or a review of "Career in your Suitcase", were about to feature her new book or had a contribution from Jo due to hit the press any day.

So I was delighted when my article "The Expat Entrepreneur" finally got an audience.
Watch this space for more about Jo Parfitt when she kicks off a series of interviews with expats in the Netherlands that I have done for this blog.

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