Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Jo Parfitt In the Hot Seat - Interview with an Expat

Jo Parfitt is a seasoned expat, having lived in five different countries in two decades. She is a freelance writer and trainer, as well as a regular keynote speaker addressing the global expat community on career issues amongst other topics.

In the first of a series of blog postings about expatriates who, at least for now, call the Netherlands their home I asked Jo for her take on the country and its natives with a few quick-fire questions.

How long have you been living in the Netherlands?
4 years

What brought you initially to the Netherlands?
My husband's job

What is the main difference between the UK and the Netherlands?

What was the most surprising adjustment you needed to make when moving to the Netherlands?
The cheese!

What would you miss most about the Netherlands if you were to leave tomorrow?
The attitude – laid back, cafĂ© lifestyle, architecture and public transport

What do you like least about the Netherlands?
The cheese

What is your favourite Dutch word?

How would you describe the Dutch people?
Tall, lean, fit, so straight they seem obtuse, pragmatic, dry, witty, laid-back, coffee-loving, key-holding, fun-loving, cyclists.

Do you have any blogs or websites that you find enjoyable about the Netherlands for people living here?
Hague online - http://www.thehagueonline.com/

If you would like to feature in this weekly series and share your views on being an expat in the Netherlands, please contact me at info@thewritingwell.eu

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