Sunday, July 26, 2009

Positive Thoughts About the Netherlands - A New Series

My husband has accused me of being particularly negative about his home land in recent blog postings and articles recently. Some of it is to wind him up (something that gives me a warm, tingly feeling) but most of what he perceives as negative I just see as the truth about life in the Netherlands. Things like the terrible quality of fruit and veg in the supermarkets, the inability.. oops. It's happened again; more grief for being too negative to follow no doubt.

However, he is right in that there are many positive things about living in the land of the cloggies. Really. So a new ten-part weekly blog series for 'A Letter from the Netherlands' is born.... I am going to dedicate ten posts to ten things I love about living in the Netherlands. That is of course if I can think of ten things I like here... only joking.... *cough*. The countdown will begin later this week.

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