Sunday, September 13, 2009

Are the Dutch Developing a Taste for Crisps?

Has anyone else noticed that the Dutch are getting braver with their tastes in crisps? For those of you who have been in the Netherlands for a number of years now, you may recall there was a time when the selection of crisp flavours went little beyond ready salted, paprika or cheese, and if you wanted to be really exotic then sour cream was available.

When I came to the Netherlands and discovered this rather dismal lack of flavours displayed on the crisp shelf, it really was quite a culture shock. I came from the country of scampi and lemon Nik Naks, bacon, tomato and Worcester sauce flavoured Wheat Crunchies and where a multi-pack of crisps contained prawn cocktail and chicken flavoured crisps. And no-one thought it odd.

I recently saw the introduction of a new line of snacks in the Albert Heijn; they are called Grain Waves and are available in Bombay Curry and Sour Cream or Onion and Black Pepper. In the same range, Corn Cubes are available in the flavours of Indian Spices and Rosemary Chicken.

Wonders will never cease. And now the test.. has anyone actually tried them? What flavour crisps do you miss from 'back home'?

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