Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Bizarre Shopping Experience

This is a tale I feel I have to share. My husband went to do our weekly shop on Monday evening this week, as we didn't have time to do it at the weekend, and came back rather bemused. He had been the subject of a verbal attack at the till, as he stood minding his own business loading the shopping into crates.

A woman in her fifties started moaning to no one in particular that these type of people should not be allowed into the shop on a Monday evening, and they should do their BIG shop on a Saturday so that people popping into Albert Heijn on their way home from work could do so quickly. My husband did the polite thing and ignored the batty woman. However, she then asked him directly if he could hear her. He let her know in no uncertain terms there is nothing wrong with his hearing. After a mindless discussion about when he should be doing his shopping, he reminded her that they would all actually be finished and home a lot quicker if the mindless discussion had not taken place. Which she conceded was the case and huffed and puffed until it was her turn to leave the shop. The customer behind her then commented that she probably had only been let out for the day.... maybe explaining her hurry?

It is extremely common for the Dutch to visit the supermarket on a daily basis and grab a few bits and pieces (also perhaps a reason why fresh produce rots within 24 hours of taking it home) and do a big shop at the weekend (when the supermarket is at its busiest I hasten to add) but I am certainly not aware of any Dutch law..... anyone?

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