Friday, August 27, 2010

What do you get if you Cross an Expat Expert, a video camera and You Tube?

What you get is a great series of on-line lectures for expats by Robin Pascoe.

Robin Pascoe, the expat expert and author of expat books such as "A Broad Abroad", "A Moveable Marriage" and "Raising Global Nomads" has a great video series available called Successful Living Abroad.

It's all in the title - a series of 18 videos tackling universal challenges for expats in bite-size chunks. Topics centre on finding your own identity as an expat spouse, the place of third culture kids in the world, the importance of global nomads and the importance of the family abroad.

In the video below Robin tells why she has developed this on-line lecture series:

Robin really is an expert in her field and a highly respected speaker and writer - if you are abroad, or about to move abroad, check out this series.

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