Sunday, October 10, 2010

Rutte, Verhagen and Wilders - New Dutch Politics

The Dutch governments of recent years remind me of a smashed vase that has been glued back together; it serves its purpose in the short term but you know eventually it will leak and you'll replace it.

Coming from what has been traditionally a two party political system, the norm of an unstable Dutch multi-party coalition during the last few years automatically feels alien to me. The current coalition in the UK is also alien to me, but does at least seem stable and took no time at all for it to be formed.

However, here we are four months after the general election and we have just got a new government. Furthermore, Mark Rutte's efforts at forming a government instil me (and much of the Dutch population) with little confidence about the government's longevity. There has been months of discussion, debate and disagreement. He has tried every coalition possibility available and the final result is disappointing to many. Oh, and the CDA is already split before the new government really gets going......

What do you think about the latest political landscape in the Netherlands? Should Geert Wilders have an important role in the decision making of the Dutch government? Was this the right way to go? What will it mean for the Netherlands?

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