Sunday, November 14, 2010

Expat Christmas Gift Ideas (1): Name Art

I can personally recommend Name Art gifts as I have ordered a couple of gifts for my own children, namely pictures commemorating their birth and they are hung proudly in their bedrooms. 

Charis Slade designs a range of gifts that incorporate names into the design - they are fab and unique gifts. Name Art is UK based so is a particularly great idea if you want to send unique gifts to family or friends based in the UK. Note that she also ships overseas.

This sums up Name Art - 

"Charis, a mum of two boys and previously a primary school teacher, began her business creating gifts for newborns - incorporating their names into striking images of teddies, toys and animals. From their studio near Bath, Name Art now apply her designs to canvases, t-shirts, plaques, cards and aprons. Making beautiful, thoughtful and personal gifts.

Charis has a passion for creating unique products that reflect children's favourite interests. Tractors, fairies, football, horses, dinosaurs, pirates, ballet - take a look, the words are hidden in the pictures!

Her favourite commissions involve personalising  a design by incorporating the child's name into a picture of something they love. Personalised designs are hand drawn and adapted to your exact requirements, so that no two pieces will ever be the same. Children love this!"

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