Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Keeping a Ford Mondeo Together the Dutch Way?

 This post may seem a little off topic but I have to ask. Is it just me or are Ford Mondeos on Dutch roads all held together with duct tape? It seems like any Ford Mondeo in this country comes with free (black or grey) duct tape which can be optionally used on the front or back bumpers. It may even be a mandatory thing only known about by Mondeo owners.

Is this a Dutch phenomena or is it worldwide?

To answer this question I googled Mondeo and duct tape - and guess what.... there is a whole world out there that non-Mondeo car owners are excluded from. It is a known thing.... and there are 'ford and gaffer tape' appreciation societies and fora. It is bizarre. Apparently there is no known reason for the strange phenomena....... these particular Ford bumpers just break easily but with love and tender patching can continue for years in a less than perfect state.

Next time you are out and about, take a moment to check out any Ford Mondeos you come across.... report back if they have been patched up with duct tape. Better still, if you are a Mondeo owner, share your bumper tales with us.....

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