Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Expats@Home - Monthly Inspiration from Expert Expats

For those of you who don't yet know about the Expats@Home newsletter I send out every month, this post is just for you.

Photo: Ilker, Turkey

I called The Writing Well newsletter "Expats@Home" because I felt that one of the main struggles of living overseas is feeling like home is always somewhere in the middle. By that I mean the longer you live away from your birth country, the less it feels like home every trip back you make. For most people a host country however, is also never 100% home because there is a different culture, language, climate or way of living, which never quite fits entirely. For me personally, whether I am in the Netherlands, which I do now consider my home, or whether I am back in England, there is always a little piece of the puzzle missing.

Delving into the local culture, language and society always helps you to feel a little more at home than staying on the outskirts. And that is what this newsletter is about; sharing the experiences of life as an expat, tips I have picked up from my journey as a foreigner in the Netherlands or learned from others - all so that others may feel a little more like an expat at home.

This year, I decided to team up with some expat experts to share top tips with you about getting the most out of expat life. Kate Berger shared her wisdom in February and Tara Agacayak shared inspirational words about creative careers this month. Next month, Gerrie Soede, a Dutch language teacher, shares top tips about learning a foreign language.

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