Tuesday, February 17, 2009

All about Amsterdam... Well Maybe

This is the reason you should not rely on online translation tools to do the job for you:

I quote (because I really could not make this up)

"Explore Amsterdam by foot, tram, supply journeying or bike. Word of warning though with the bikes on a past calculate there are over 400,000 bikes in Amsterdam, if you are a taste wobbly it could be prizewinning to move in digit of the parks."
I think it is saying for the inexperienced, biking in Amsterdam can be daunting and it might be an idea to keep to the parks. However, I cannot be sure.
For the rest, well I challenge you to work it out for yourselves... particularly the paragraph about drugs and prostitution. Happy reading!

Thanks to Planet Germany for this lead which followed from Cathy Dobson's post about Germany from the same site.

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