Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Any Expat Women Entrepreneurs Out There?

Karen Armstrong is a life coach who believes in fostering and nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit of expatriate women. To this aim she has founded Expat Women Entrepreneurs, an online community of women who share an entrepreneurial spirit and want to connect with each other.

Living abroad, let alone setting up a business as an expat, has it own unique challenges but drawing on the experiences and advice on others can really make a difference.
Karen is an American living in Italy, married to a local and runs her own life coaching business, so she knows first hand the issues facing expat women in both life and business.

Within weeks of the launch of Expat Women Entrepreneurs, Karen contacted me with useful information and links relating to the challenges facing me personally as a writer in the Netherlands. She is pro-active, motivated and passionate about helping others.

If you are a female expat entrepreneur and want to know more visit Karen's website at or contact Karen by email at

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