Thursday, March 5, 2009

Inside Twente - For Global Minded People

I recently joined an online network which I feel warrants some shouting about. A direct quote from the main page sums up why I want to mention the group here:

"Inside Twente is the network for people who think globally, who are open and ready to help each other. We warmly welcome everybody.If you consider yourself to be global-minded join Inside Twente."

Open people. Ready to help each other. Warm welcome. All things I experienced the day I joined!

The community is the most active and positive I have seen on an expat networking site.... even the forum section is upbeat and full of members looking for advice, opinions and help rather than teeming with negativity like I have seen in some other forums......

The site was set up by Bea Stanford to fill the gap that expats were experiencing in the Twente region and is a great place to meet others, not just those living in Twente, or the Netherlands for that matter, but global minded people based everywhere and anywhere.

The site offers blogging, a chat function, reviews, events, groups, forums, videos, photos, applications and a chance to add friends (in the style of Facebook). New features are being worked on (such as a marketplace) and there is a definite feel that things don't stay still for long on Inside Twente.

Want to join the club? Pop over to and say hello.

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