Friday, March 6, 2009

Michelin Star Returned by Limburg Restaurant

Usually restaurants owners are clambering for Michelin stars. It is an award to strive for in the restaurant business. Isn't it?

Er well no, not always. The owners of 'In De'n Dillegaard' in Nuth, Limburg are 'returning' their hard earned Michelin star.

And why? Well, instead of bringing hoardes of hungry customers to the restaurant, the owners have been struggling to get bottoms on seats.

According to the explanation for this, in the words of hostess Suzan Kagenaar-Stevens, is that some people see restaurants with Michelen stars as, ''klein, duur, chique en formeel'' (small, expensive, chique and formal).

The NRC Next reported that there are are seven restaurants in Zuid-Limburg with one or two Michelin stars, and this according to Suzan, also plays a role.

She explains that diners move from one restaurant to the next to experience all the Michelen awarded restaurants, instead of returning to one establishment. This makes building up a solid customer base difficult.

Both the menu and the interior are set to change and the restaurant is to be relaunched on 15 March, without the Michelin star, under the name 'Eten bij Michèl' in the hope of attracting a wider audience.

Gets you thinking doesn't it?

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