Thursday, August 27, 2009

Positive Thoughts About the Netherlands: Life Through the Eyes of a Foreigner

One thing I love about living in the Netherlands is that I am a foreigner. That means I see the Dutch and their country through different eyes than the Dutch people. Despite nine years living here, there is still so much left to experience, see and do.

It feels like I learn a new Dutch word every week, visit a place I haven't been to before or suddenly notice some cultural habit that had previously escaped my attention. Life as a foreigner in any country is a continual learning process, and for someone that gets bored with the same thing every day this works out well for me!

I was just asked to write an article for Keith Jenkins' blog, with the topic of 'world of inspiration'. The purpose was to write about something or someone that I had seen or met on my travels which inspired me.

It made me realise that life in the Netherlands has been one journey of inspiration, and I most definitely have not reached my destination. There are so many things that have happened to me, people I have met and experiences I have had, which would never have been a part of my life had I remained in England.
For one, I doubt that circumstances would have allowed me to pack in my job, stay at home to look after my son and start up a writing business. Through my work, I have met and interviewed some amazing people, whether it be virtual or 'in real life' . These are people I would never otherwise have met had I not chosen to live an expat life in Holland.
I would not be speaking Dutch for sure - there was little call for that in the dizzy heights of my Watford flat....
I would not be the mother of a bi-lingual son, which in itself is amazing and hilarious.

In short, I guess I would not be the person I am now - formed and moulded by my experiences in life, the life I lead in the Netherlands. Life overseas is culturally enriching, colourful and an experience!
And if you want to read the piece I wrote for Velvet Escape about what has inspired me during my time as an expat then visit

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