Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Rewards of Networking as an Expatriate

Through Expat Women Entrepreneurs I recently connected with a Dutch expat living in the US, Linda Hemerik. She is the CEO of US Unlocked, and recently launched worldwide shipping so she was looking for people all over the world to put some articles together to help her spread the message. Linda started looking for writers in her inner network; people like me who she had met through networking and support groups, and then she cast her net wider.

I am now working on a series of articles about Linda, not just about her as a business woman and the CEO of US Unlocked, but about Linda the expat and mother of four, about a Dutch woman currently living in the US.

By interviewing her I found out she has a fascinating story to tell as she has also lived in India and Mexico - two difficult expat locations. She has so many experiences and tales to share, and tips for others living overseas. You can read the article about Linda called "Making the Most of Your Expat Life: Linda Hemerik's Journey through Three Countries" on Expat Women.

You can also read an interview I did with Linda for this blog.
Networking is a powerful tool, and essential to expatriates. By linking in to different groups through social networking you get to meet some fascinating people, hear some amazing stories and you could find it also boosts your business.

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