Wednesday, November 11, 2009

American Life Through Dutch Eyes

As an expat in the Netherlands, you tend to focus on what others think about life here but when I came into contact with expat entrepreneur Linda Hemerik, I was curious about what the Dutch miss about their own country when they move overseas.

Linda lives in the US and gave an interview on this blog a few months back. She was also the subject of an Expat Women article I wrote. She recently shared with me what it is like to be living in the US, how she experiences life there, what she misses about the Netherlands, and the differences she sees between the Dutch and American lifestyle. It highlights Dutch culture, and the difference to life in America and makes for interesting reading.

"Imagine schools in the Netherlands telling Dutch school children to leave their trusted two-wheelers at home and find an alternative means of travelling to school. It is inconceivable here in the land of cycling, but some schools in New York State forbid cycling to school because of safety and liability issues." ............. You can read the full article on Expatica.

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