Sunday, January 10, 2010

Expats in (E)motion Blog

Debby Poort (interviewed on this blog last year and founder of Yellow Wood Integrative Psychotherapy Practice) and Kate Berger (founder of the Expat Kid's Club) have teamed up to write a blog for expats in the Netherlands that deals with mental health issues. In their own words:

"We created Expats in (E)motion because we believe that being an expat is an emotional journey–not just a physical relocation. As expats we are bombarded with new experiences every single day. With these new experiences come emotions, some we may have long forgotten we ever had, and some we never thought we would ever have to face."

Topics that these two experts tackle through the blog are:

-Making new friends
-Dealing with homesickness
-Maintaining health
-Learning to speak Dutch
-Having a new baby/sibling
-Preparing for repatriation

Go to for more information and to read their blog.

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