Thursday, January 14, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday

A third birthday evokes images of a journey through life that has barely started, a toddler that learns new things every day, a child that has just begun to fathom out a role in the small world they inhabit. By a third birthday, a toddler is maybe out of nappies, has a basic command of the language, knows how to ask for what he wants and is slowly but surely perfecting the struggle for a little independence. However, at three, a child is still wholly dependent on those around them.

Expat Women, as it celebrates it 3rd birthday online on Saturday, conjures up none of these three-year-old toddler images. It is a site that has grown fast, leaving the baby days of three years ago quickly behind to become a fully-fledged adult of the expat community. Anyone who is anyone in the expat world has contributed to the site that Andrea Martins and her team have worked so hard to build.

But, whilst Expat Women has definitely matured a little faster than your average three year old toddler, it does share one factor: dependency on the support of those around. In this case, it means the community of expat women across the globe who have helped Andrea Martins make Expat Women the success it is in three short years.

Andrea has always been committed to inspiring other expat women to achieve success overseas - however you may measure that success. For some women, it means achieving on a career level, for others it is raising happy, healthy third culture kids, and for others it means personal happiness. From money matters to divorce, from loneliness to happiness, from personal development to business set-up and from motherhood to volunteering, Andrea hand picks experts in their field to motivate and inspire the wonderful community of expat women that make up Expat Women's readers.

The website is a wealth of information for women living overseas, regardless of location. It offers tips, advice, links and articles on a wide range of issues that effect women across the globe - and importantly it provides a platform of support for the female expat community by allowing women everywhere to share their stories and experiences.

So, as Andrea and her team light three candles on the ExpatWomen cake (I picture a rather large calorie laden chocolate cake.....) on the 16th January, I hope you will all be raising a glass or two to toast their achievement of pulling women together across the world in such a short space of time, and inspiring us to be the best we can be whilst we live abroad.

Cheers - here's to many more years of the authoritative voice in the expat world that is

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