Sunday, February 28, 2010

Guest Bloggers Invited: Share your Expat Highs and Lows

In just a few weeks, I will take a break from weekly blogging when I start maternity leave and spend my time getting everything ready for the new addition to our family; picture tons of washing, cleaning and online baby shopping....... and of course some time to wind down for the due date at the end of April.

Therefore, I am turning the floor over to you and starting a new series that will capture the highs and lows of your expat lives. Each contribution can take any desired form (informal, words or pictures or a combination, poem, relaying a particular event/story etc) but the aim is to capture the essence of what makes expat life both exhilarating and difficult, by answering (with as much detail and emotion as you can muster):

What has the highlight of your expat life been?
What has been the lowlight of your expat life?

I hope that the series will provide a good variation of different experiences and stories that you will enjoy sharing with each other and that you can laugh at and empathise with - as well as find yourselves nodding along in recognition of your own personal expat journey.

Posts will be published weekly and if you would like to take part, please send your post and at least one relevant photo to me at amanda at by 22 March 2010. Links to your own sites/blogs/businesses and a short bio are very welcome.

Get in touch with me if you have any questions or want any further information and I look forward to hearing you stories!

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