Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Dutch Taste Police

We went to a local Greek restaurant (Delphi) last weekend and I noticed a Smaakpolitie sticker on the door. It is the only restaurant in Zoetermeer to have been awarded this sign of a good, clean kitchen. In fact, to be fair there are not too many restaurants that have been awarded this keurmerk in Zuid-Holland at all.

The Smaakpolitie is a Dutch television programme hosted by Rotterdammer Rob Geus, which inspects restaurant, cafe and snack bar kitchens (and student houses for entertainment value) around the country. Rob (always clad in his trusty white jacket) checks the hygiene and cleanliness of each kitchen he visits - giving it a very thorough going over. Some of what he finds is shocking, and if you saw the state of some of the fat in some snack bar deep fat fryers, you would never eat a kipcorn again....... Of course, some kitchens sparkle and shine, and the kitchen staff do no wrong... and of course these are the places you need to find to dine out in!

Here is a sample of Rob in action: Horror in Wageningen

To see which restaurants in your area have Rob Geus' approval see the total list on SBS6's website (clickable regions on the left).

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