Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Two Dutch Signs

On my travels around my local areas I regularly see two signs with sayings on them which are worth sharing because they amuse me. They actually only really work in Dutch so this is really a post for the Dutch speakers out there.

Photo: An "Eikel"  
Wij houden van je hond maar niet van z'n stront - a polite way of saying please don't let your dog foul here.  Believe me its a huge problem here but nice to see someone trying to tackle it in a civilised way.

And my favourite is this as text on a licence plate:

Je hoeft niet in een boom te hangen om een eikel te zijn - for non-Dutch speakers it's a play on words. Eikel means acorn in Dutch, but it also means idiot (put nicely) so it means you don't have to hang in a tree to be an 'eikel'. Trust me, it works in Dutch....

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