Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Oven Gloves - One Hand or Two?

Photo: Michal Zacharzewski
It strikes me as odd that British shops offer a selection of oven gloves that comprise of two square gloves joined together, whereas Dutch shops only offer one glove. I've wondered why for many years but to this day I have no definitive explanation so I'm throwing it open in the hope that someone can enlighten me.

Is it because Dutch ovens are in general so small one hand is sufficient to hold the small tray that actually fits? Many Dutch kitchens only have a small dual function oven and microwave so huge roasting dishes are nowhere to be seen which causes Americans problems at Thanksgiving and Brits untold stress at Christmas when turkeys need to be cooked......

Are Dutch people born with one hand made of asbestos and therefore an inbuilt heat resistance that us Brits just don't have?

Is it a cost saving thing? One glove cheaper than two?

I have an extra wide oven in my kitchen which was already fitted (by a Dutch family I hasten to add) when we moved in and my roasting trays are heavy - using only one hand to remove hot trays or dishes from the oven is asking for a hospital visit. That's why I import my oven gloves from England.......

Am I alone? Do one handed oven gloves work for everyone else? Answers on a postcard......

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