Sunday, July 11, 2010

Dutch Music (6): A Round Up

To end this short series about Dutch music here are a few other famous Dutch artists you may, or may not, have heard of.

Blof: four Dutch guys from Vlissingen who formed a band back in 1992 and who are still going strong. They became very popular at the end of the '90s and peaked at the beginning of the '00s. In 2001, their drummer Chris Gotte died in a motorcycle accident and the band took some time out to mourn the loss. In 2004, they took on a more international dimension with a performance with The Counting Crows with the single "Holiday in Spain".

Marco Borsato: a singer and an actor whose company was recently declared bankrupt. He started out singing in Italian, before he turned to Dutch.

There are also a few famous Dutch artists who perform in English:

Anouk: a female singer born in The Hague, Anouk moved for a stint to the US to try and make a name for herself there but her success was limited. She is however a very popular artiest in the Netherlands.

Krezip: a band from Tilburg, this group split in 2009 following huge success and 12 years together.

Tiesto: a DJ and record producer from Breda, he has been named the world's number 1 DJ on more than one occasion. He also performed live at the opening ceremony of the Olympics in Athens and enjoys international success.

Do any of these artists resonate with you? What Dutch music do you listen to?

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